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Frequently Asked Questions


What are the differences between an accountant, a CPA, and a bookkeeper?

Firstly, a bookkeeper enters and maintains daily records of a company's financial transactions. They assist in billing/invoicing for goods and services provided, paying suppliers and accounts payable, and handle payroll tasks. The bookkeeper's records is then handed over to an accountant to be analyzed. Once the accountant has analyzed the data, they are able to offer business owner financial projections, and advise them on growing profit margins. A CPA is an accountant certified in their high level of expertise and who has passed a certification exam. Certification is obtained for a particular state, so the CPA can assist both businesses and individuals file tax returns, while using financial data to advise towards future growth.

How do I e-sign my individual tax return electronic authorization forms?

If you have a P+G Built Solutions portal you can sign your individual income tax returns e-file forms. Each taxpayer will receive a separate email, where they will be asked security questions in order to proceed to signing their e-file. If a questioned is answered incorrectly, the email for the e-signature will need to be resent. You can also print your documents out to sign, or use software that allows for electronic signatures, sending it back tour via email, fax, or upload to our portal.

How long should I keep my tax records for?

We strongly recommend you keep records dating back seven years. You will also need to keep any documentation supporting your figures from the past seven years.

What are our service fees?

Our fees are structured by figuring the services provided, in conjunction with the expertise, technology, and team members required to complete said services. After briefly reviewing some of your information, we can formulate a quote for whatever service you may require.

How can QuickBooks help my business?

QuickBooks offers you peace of mind while ensuring your books are both up-to-date and organized. Our certified QuickBooks expert will assist you with setting up an account, provide any training required, and maintain your books' newfound order, if needed. Feel free to contact us for special pricing!

What is Right Networks?

Right Networks is a cloud-based accounting platform that hosts QuickBooks desktop software. Hosting on Right Networks gives users on-the-go access, from any device, while reliably securing their data.

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