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P + G Built Solutions

P + G Built Solutions goal is to bring balance to your personal and professional life. We are here to provide you with creative and individualized business, economic, and tax solutions.

At P + G Built Solutions, we believe in offering our expertise and experience to our valued business customers. We help our clients through a variety of advisory services to help them make sound business decisions in today’s complex business environment.

Who We Are?

A TEAM of professionals with extensive experience and knowledge working with Businesses and Individuals. We believe in teamwork, professional integrity, and hard work. Our collective focus is to offer our clients the best possible solutions with a TEAM of individuals readily available to meet the needs of our clients.

We specialize in business and tax planning. We partner with our clients by giving them a proactive approach and providing the right tools and knowledge for success and growth. We offer our valued clients professional advisory services to help them make informed business decisions.

Through professional integrity and trust we build long standing relationships with our clients. At P + G Built Solutions we pride ourselves in the relationships we build and the businesses and individuals we help grow and succeed.

A Word About the Founder

Laura Concannon, CPA founded P + G with the mission of helping businesses and individuals reach their goals. She offers extensive knowledge and experience in the advisory, tax and accounting fields.

Laura believes in bringing a work-life balance by taking a measured approach. She believes if our clients can bring value to their business and growth, they can enjoy a stable and prosperous personal life.

Laura is also the founder of Tools4success, a not-for-profit organization. Tools4success brings experienced businesses from different trade industries into the classroom by working with educators. The aim is to offer real-world expertise and share extensive hands-on knowledge with students to provide opportunities for successful careers.

P + G is our Mission

At P + G, we live by our firm’s name and we pride ourselves in offering what we believe. So, What’s P + G? And what does it tell you about us.

We believe in offering “Peace of Mind” + “Growth of Bottom Line” simultaneously to our clients. Put simply, we thrive in offering the best professional services to our clients that bring growth to their businesses in a way that matches their individual goals in life. Once your business is growing, it brings stability and peace to your personal life.

P + G built solutions is all about balancing the needs of personal and professional life.

What We Do and How We Do?

We encourage our clients and staff to communicate communicate communicate. We take a proactive approach in offering customized and tailor-made business and taxation solutions to our clients. For that to happen effectively, we listen to our valued clients carefully.

Here are our Top Business and Taxation services to our business and individual clients.

Consultation Services

Consultation services to our business and individual are at the top of our services list. You can expect a professional and experienced voice from our side. We are here to sort out your strategic issues through our consultation and advisory services.

Our top consultation services include:

♦ Back Office Advisory

♦ Business Consultation

♦ Financial Advisory and Financial Planning

♦ Capital financing

♦ Debt Structuring and Restructuring

♦ Tax Consultation

♦ Budgeting, Forecast, and financial projections

♦ Compensation and benefit analysis

♦ Divorce consultation

Taxation and Compliance Services

Our tax and compliance services begin with the right entity structure selection for our clients. We can offer professional advice on your business and personal taxation issues at any stage.

Our top taxation and compliance services include:

♦ Tax consultation for all types of business entities including C corporations, S Corporations, and Partnerships.

♦ Tax advisory to our clients on choosing the appropriate entity structure.

♦ Compilation and Reviewed Financial Statements

♦ Tax planning, Preparation, Filing, and IRS representation in Audits.

♦ Tax consultation to individual clients on all financial issues including personal property analysis, income tax, retirement planning, and estate planning.


We believe in offering the right accounting tools to our clients. QuickBooks is one of the tools we utilize for professional accounting software for our clients. QB comes with the industry reputation and all the necessary tools that you’ll need to satisfy your accounting, bookkeeping, and taxation requirements.

We offer QuickBooks services:

♦ Review and assessment of existing accounting system.

♦ Upgrading your old accounting system to install and run QuickBooks.

♦ On-site training and consultation for QuickBooks installation and configuration.

♦ Configuring and customizing QuickBooks to bring the best out of your accounting and financial data.

Why Trust P + G Built Solutions

We live by our mission statement of P + G. Unlike our competitors, we aim to bring value to our client’s professional and personal life. We thrive to provide the best value in the accounting and tax consultation services we offer to our clients.

Laura Concannon, CPA brings the leadership skills and experience to run the business. She leads from the front with her extensive knowledge and expertise. She has formed a TEAM of professionals and hard-working enthusiasts.

We would love to talk you through the best possible solutions to your business and taxation issues. We would ensure to turn your dreams into success stories.

Looking forward to hearing from your side, get in touch with us!

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