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Allow Yourself Joy...

Do you ever find yourself going through the motions, acting as a task master in your life? You may be getting things done but you are just pressing play every morning and doing what is necessary and needed. Many times, our lives and businesses get so busy, our minds so full, that we don’t take the time to find joy in our days. We don’t stop and enjoy the small moments. Feelings of guilt can creep in if you take a moment for yourself. When life becomes overwhelming and work is piling up it is easy to throw all your energy in and forget to actually find peace and happiness in your day.

During this time of the year, it is especially easy to get buried in work, holiday preparations and parties until you don’t know whether you are coming or going. Our minds are racing from one thought to the next so fast you seem to never form a complete one. Stressed, unfocused and overwhelmed are how we hear people describing themselves more and more.

What if we all took these last couple weeks of the year and focused on bringing JOY back into our days. Continuing our work days making a conscious effort to make time for the small moments. Take time to remember the reason you started your business. Take a small moment to have a conversation with coworkers. Sit down and take a breath. Take time to reflect. Sit an enjoy your coffee in the morning. Enjoy a meal with your family. Clearing your mind with and allowing yourself to have moments throughout the day for reflection may give you a new perspective. You may find that you are actually more productive with a clear and joyful mind.

Take moments in the day to remember your WHY and allow yourself JOY!

Happy Holidays!!

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