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  • Laura Concannon, CPA

Building and Maintaining Relationships

Relationships are an uplifting part of my life. New relationships can be particularly inspiring. In this Covid world today I feel as if people are feeling a deeper need to be connected.

How many times have you met someone new or networked at an event and come away with a new contact? Did you follow up? I find that some of my best connections have come from someone new.

The energy that I receive from these new individuals is inspiring and motivating to me. I realize everyone is “busy” and it can be hard to make time to care for our relationships, but the benefits are exponential. Most of us could use positive energy to help us accomplish our daily tasks and start new ones.

One of my thoughts when meeting someone new, after listening to their thoughts, is who do I know that would also benefit from this relationship? Connecting individuals is rewarding and can solidify lasting relationships. Different perspectives breed new ideas and creativity. When I meet someone new the wheels in my head start spinning as I listen. I try to capture this by paying attention to my relationships and looking for new ones. Awareness can instill respect and also deepen these relationships. Reaching out to others to listen and learn more about them provides opportunity. This reminds me of the idea of 6 degrees of separation - our world is much smaller than we may think. Have you ever introduced a new relationship to an existing one?

At a networking event a few years ago the speaker asked us to use the word “productive” instead of busy. Wow, what a different feeling when I go home and tell my husband what a productive day I had. I feel accomplished. Whenever I hear someone say they are “busy” I share this insight.

Sharing our positive tips and thoughts with those around us deepens these relationships. The exciting part is that we never know when or where we will get that next inspiration. Be open and share. Positive or negative, relationships are part of the journey of life.

Nurture your relationships, always be open to new ones and the people around you. If you are reading this and have not connected with me please reach out. Who knows where this journey could lead us?

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